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Kathlyn Pagador ( pronounced [Kath-lyn Pa-ga-dor]; b. 26 October 1988) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the UK, born in the Philippines.

Her work explores the ethereal and instinctual interactions with tactile elements by utilising mediums from traditional to found objects. Though she does not regard herself as purely abstract in practice, her work is known for this expression, particularly her on-going project “UNTITLED : PLANS and CHANCES” where her signature of tactility is visible. She continuously experiment with materials and observations of being, a grasp for balance of life and translates these onto canvas.




Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019-2020      "EVER CHANGING" RB12, 6 King John CT, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EZ, England

2016              Intrinsic, West Reservoir Centre, London, England

2016              Art is Present, Store Street Espresso, London, England

                      Third Wave, The Espresso Room, London, England

2015              Inside : Out,The Mill Co Project, London, England

                      Here & Now, The Gate, Archway, London, England

2014-2015     Continuum, Freestate Coffee, London, England


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017             Tribe17, OXO Tower, London, England 

2017              Flux, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, 16 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4JU

2017              The Abstract Show, Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens Street, London, England

2017              TAA, 17-25 Cremer Street, Hoxton, London, England

2016              Abstract Art, curated by Cristiana Ianelli, 504 Gallery, London , England

2015-2016     A Caroling We Go, curated by Rachele Bianchessi, 504 Gallery, London , England                   

2014              Fraction, Platform One Gallery, London, England

2012              Conquer, Friese-Greene House Gallery, Brighton, England

2008              Amok Art, Slabs, West Sussex, England


Selected Interviews

2016             Third Wave

2015             Inside : Out

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