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Lolo Pedong (Grandfather)

Lolo Pedong (Grandfather)

LOLO (Grandad), the silent man, the great.

“Lolo is a silent type person. He kept on working

in the backyard. He even dug a fishpond at the

back of the house” – Levie Pagador, Mami Love.

He even dug his own fishpond?! I mean wow!
He’d wake up earliest from the family, disappears

into the forest – no idea what he does there to this

day. Comes back home to eat and disappears into

the forest again.
He certainly is a man of few words, he has kind

eyes and warm smile. He’s a very hands-on type of

The family business such as ‘fish vendors’ side

is named after him with the initials “A.P”.

The initials played a large part with the rest of the

generation including mine. Most of my friends in

the UK knows me as “K.P” = My signature on each

paintings. Thanks Grandad, my subconscious was

very touched with your presence- I admired you

from afar- I wish we spoke more, would have loved

to hear your adventures when you were still alive.

With love, your grand daughter, K.P.

It was the season to fish and the family allowed us

children to go fishing in Grandad’s fishpond.

We used baskets to catch them though I caught one

by it’s sharp fin, I never tried to catch the fishes  since

and bought from the market instead since it’s easier

and ate them.

Idi aldaw nga pangisda ket napan kami nag karas dyay fishpond ni Lolo Pedong. Adda ti basket tapnu makaala ti ikan ngem adyay lang ah ket naiggamak ti matalim nga parte ti ikan, isu nga simula noon pa haan nak nga naghuli ti ikan ta mangan latta nu kwan wen nu mapan dyay tiendaan ta mas nalaka pay.



About Digital Portrait Series

My recent family visit in the Philippines in August

2019 has got me thinking, reflecting and very much

in a limbo of being born from the east and most of

my adulthood in the west.


Dedicated these digital drawings to my family as a

form of celebration in unity and love.



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