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Lola Eteng (Grandmother)

Lola Eteng (Grandmother)

She'd wake up early in the morning and head to the

market to sell vegetables (and later some jewelleries).

Recently I learned that people in the market are there

by 04:30am. Some earlier and some sleeps there.

Grandma has this way of communicating, she'd scare

the shit out of you and also she'd be the calm of it all.
There were many quarrels in the household but only

she could maintain the whole family together because

everyone actually cared about her. She has the say end

of the day between all men.
Until her death, she united the family together.


Thank you Lola Eteng!



About Digital Portrait Series

My recent family visit in the Philippines in August

2019 has got me thinking, reflecting and very much

in a limbo of being born from the east and most of

my adulthood in the west.


Dedicated these digital drawings to my family as a

form of celebration in unity and love.


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