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Sister Ghen

Sister Ghen

You were only 10 years old and you took care of me

and Brother Tristan. You were so young, you sacrificed so

much of you for us. Thank you sister!

Your stories of how you and Ate Cleng just wanted to

play but couldn't because of us kids you needed to

look after. So you'd play silently, hoping that us kids

don't wake up and start crying.
Whenever brother and I got sick, it's you who always

got in trouble - for some odd reason because you're

the eldest (what a shit rule really).
I remembered when I was a little hyper kid jumping

around and fell, you put plasters on my knee.
When there was a black out( all the electricity in town

were cut off) and it was excruciating heat, you'd

"PAY-PAY" (fan) us until we go back to sleep whilst you

had sleepless nights.
You're always there sister.
You have so much personality and full of great character,

sometimes my mind is blown whenever you sing.
I'm happy for you sister and your babies; Wayne , Lilo and Stitch <3 stay filled with

love, joy, and energy.

Love you always x


About Digital Portrait Series

My recent family visit in the Philippines in August

2019 has got me thinking, reflecting and very much

in a limbo of being born from the east and most of

my adulthood in the west.


Dedicated these digital drawings to my family as a

form of celebration in unity and love.


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