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Tita Luz

Tita Luz

She has this fire about her, against all odds

she's a pretty strong character.
Like Lola Eteng that is often renounced as 'tangsit'

and often people are scared of because of their

feisty presence. Like Lola she is also very warm with

multitude of care.
I geniunely am grateful that our family is filled with

women that have strength to stand up against the

men of conservative beliefs and of superstitious

Plus the humour is immense, specially that day when

I was a kid with weird teeth and she'd laugh and tell

the children "allaaa adda ni Kathlyn! Agtaray kayun!"

it means "Run away Kathlyn is here!" and we would

all laugh and run around and laugh some more.
Tita I want you to know that you are inspiring and am

happy to have been surrounded with all you strong

women of the family - no wonder why men can't

stand us when we stand our ground because we are

'women'. I say fuck them.

Okay Love you x


About Digital Portrait Series


My recent family visit in the Philippines in August

2019 has got me thinking, reflecting and very much

in a limbo of being born from the east and most of

my adulthood in the west.


Dedicated these digital drawings to my family as a

form of celebration in unity and love.


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    Mixed Media Artist

    & all things wonderful

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