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Untitled : Plans and Chances 0600
  • Untitled : Plans and Chances 0600

    The time I finished this painting was just

    after the sun rose in the sky.


    I enjoy painting at this hour.


    Sipped the coffee, spill the coffee. Use it

    as the perfect medium. Why not.

    In essence the painting glows in directions

    that reflects the sun’s rise and fall.

    The use of coffee and gold adds a sort of

    odd mix but works inevitably well with its

    anamorphous state. Entwined together on

    the canvas.



    Time passes by when am painting,

    generally speaking time doesn’t exist.

    Until finish the painting, I then look

    at the time to finalize the signature.

    This way it’s memorable somehow.

    I just remember being happy, laid the

    media on the floor and a moment of

    pause. I breathe and smile and look at

    the painting and say “done” and “onto

    the next one.”




    I have worked with coffee for at least 10

    years, both in the franchise  business and

    independent speciality industry. You’ll find

    coffee not just in the cup but on several


    Gold I have used very rarely for many

    years. In 2016 I was commissioned to paint the mural in The Espresso Room ( formerly known as FREESTATE), I used the medium as a river, London is very rich with opportunities, communities and other entities so I thought quite suitable for this occasion. Whenever gold is discussed the monarch is always the first thing in mind, I remember visiting the National Portrait Gallery and seeing  the Royal Family with all it’s jewels and how it signified power.


    In 2018, I was commissioned privately and the theme of nature and warmth was still in mind. After staying in A’s property for a week or so, I was able to spend some time and tune into the living environment. After having

    created smaller samples, client A ( anonymous) and I spoke again and distinguished which one to use. I noticed subtle tasteful use of gold elements in his property particularly between the stones, marbles and ornaments. I was not allowed to use any images or videos of the result and wanted to respect that, all I can say is that the piece was very indescribable emotion and working with A is my perfect type of client. A Knew what he wanted, gave me the freedom with my art and we communicated with each others understanding as equal than a monarch.



    Coffee and gold are one of those valued sources for the economy. Coffee being that ‘homely’ feel, that sip of the first one of the day, that quick heat the touches the mouth and the flavours that encompass some sort of travel through time.

    Gold on the other hand, well… we can’t eat gold nor drink it. Yet why is it deemed so valuable? Personally I enjoyed it’s reflective qualities, it’s like it’s waving every time it shines.

    Honestly none of these came through my mind when I was painting.

    I just really enjoyed using both mediums, the texture itself is very tactile. It needed something gentle to roam in between its cracks and edges. Coffee and Acrylic gold came in handy, just add water, to let it flow on the canvas.

    Much like the rivers flow into the amazon, it finds its ways through the gaps that is laid bare. Raw and harmonious. The power of nature.




    Untitled : Plans and Chances 0600

    Mixed media on canvas

    21cm x 30cm



    "Earthy" - Olga, Life style photographer, London bound - traveller.

    NOTE: The painting is now in private collection. More paintings are available here

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