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Untitled : Plans and Chances0816 (Diptych)

Untitled : Plans and Chances0816 (Diptych)

This painting was made after we travelled in

the Philippines.

In December 2015, we set off the Philippines

and decided to pay a tribute to my ancestors.

Truth is we wanted to travel, eat great food and learn more about the culture . Out of

respect we thought we’d pop by and

see the family… for 24 hours.


We also wanted to get tattooed by the

legendary Whang Od,

I don’t know what we were thinking,

must have been one of those Facebook

commercial ad black holes that we’ve

seen and convinced we needed them. And

thus we went and got what we deserved.


There after we travelled mainly in the lands of

Palawan, rented motorbikes, riding away from

touristic places and trying not to die. That and

Island hopping.


Here's a video I made to summarise our trip: "Painting, Experience"


Mixed media on canvas

60cm x 89cm x 2


Painting is original and one-off a kind. Signed at the back.

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