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Paint outside or Paint inside.

People tend to ask "Where's your studio?". For years I thought to myself what an odd question .

After being asked enough times I would say that the world is my studio. This comes with at times questionable look, a cheese statement perhaps.

For fun I conducted an experiment to see how people would react if I tell them that where I paint is in my bedroom. Or I say I paint at a studio - what does a studio even mean right?

The studio (I have not googled this) for me is a space to do your thing, that can be in art or in a more traditional sense a place where someone works. The first thing that comes to mind usually is a studio is a space with easels, paints, enough space to create your art piece (s). So why does it matter where you paint and why does the word 'studio' can have class type of impression? Like "Look at me, I made it". I really want to say it's the least that someone should really think about in terms of making work. If we really want to do something, we find ways to make it happen.

No need for fancy studios. No need for artificial luxury name tags of art materials.

Okay don't kill me.

Sometimes having your own space to work in can make life more tolerable.

Branded art materials can be of higher quality. End of the day is really up to you.

All depends on your practice and so on.

I personally do both, I experiment and see what works.



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