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Sun Rise. Sun Set. Art as savior.

I have always been a fan of nature, fan might not be the right word here but that's okay.

How do we capture the moments? I did with how I knew best, painting.

Speaking from my earlier post "Very Human" type of morning , you never know what someone is going through.

Few years ago my partner woke up one day with unease. That unexplainable feeling of overwhelm, nausea, panic. Across the room hang my painting about the sun. She stared at the painting for some time she told me . She got lost in between the painting. She forgot about the overwhelm, nausea, panic. Instead she travelled in and out of the sun until she sensed the felt of calm. Art has always saved me. It's beautiful when art saves beyond the artist.

Art as savior.

With this I gifted her the painting and if you wish to have something that you can experience yourself, do get in touch at

I recommend making the same size or larger.



From the Untitled Plans and Chances series.

Mixed media on canvas.

152cm x 121.5cm

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