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Cousin Rap

Cousin Rap

Rap loves to dance. His sweet innocence reminds

me of how once upon a time we were all just as kind.

His current favourite tune is "baby shark

tattadadadadada-tattadadadadada" and he can move

for hours.He is filled with energy that we all have to

take turns to look after him aha! 💛He's about to turn

3years old and he is such an adorable little cousin x


What were you like as a kid?


About Digital Portrait Series
 My recent family visit in the Philippines in August

2019 has got me thinking, reflecting and very much

in a limbo of being born from the east and most of

my adulthood in the west.


Dedicated these digital drawings to my family as a

form of celebration in unity and love.

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    Mixed Media Artist

    & all things wonderful


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